InSNP is a Windows program that detects substitution and indel SNPs in sequencing traces. It uses simple algorithms to detect the mutations and presents the sequences in compact visualizations that let you quickly decide which ones are real.

InSNP is not for commercial use.

When using please cite the following publication:
Manaster C, Zheng W, Teuber M, Wächter S, Döring F, Schreiber S, Hampe J (2005).
InSNP: A tool for automated detection and visualization of SNPs and InDels.
Human Mutation 26(1): 11-19
PubMed (PMID:15931688)

System Requirements
  InSNP runs on Windows XP, NT and 98.
  Your system must be set for at least 16-bit color.
  The display size must be at least 1152 x 864 pixels.

Online Help
  InSNP online manual
  Please fill out the registration form to download InSNP. Registration is free.


2005 Mucosa research group